Saturday, December 04, 2010

Audrey's Birthday Party

I have just a few pics to share from Audrey's 6th Birthday party. She wanted a Belle Princess party so we themed it in yellow and red and pink and away we went! I managed to pick up a wad of papers from Scrapbook City that were only 40c a sheet and the most beautiful colours. They are from the Basic Grey June Bug range, and when I made the banner I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time! If you ever need a pretty banner for your party please ask me...they really make me so happy! We also made five poms of varying size to hang. As usual I was running way behind schedule, so the placement was not as precise as I would have liked! I finished the table with a red spotty tablecloth from the bargain bin at Spotlight, a tiered cupcake stand and a selection of lollies that were soooo yummy...and totally colour co-ordinated as well! lol!

I told the children a story about how a long time ago there was a castle on the land we were on. When they demolished the castle, there was a treasure left in the basement. So across the road on the reserve there are hundreds of valuable jewels that have been mixed with the earth by the bulldozers. They went off in search of their treasure and returned with a stack of large plastic jewels (Spotlight). Then we played pass the parcel and did a few craft activities. We all watched Joseph play Happy Birthday on the organ for Audrey. It was so sweet to watch her take it all so seriously!

 Of course Jose had to hamm it up at the end and did a huge bow and all the little girls and boys giggled with glee!
Then Auds got to say a 'few' words...she lost them after a few minutes but wasn't worried...after that we dug into the yummy Princess Belle cake. All the kids seemed to have a wonderful time together. There were no dramas at all; even the birthday girl didn't melt down! She was totally spoiled by her friends too. We are still opening new toys every day, I am trying to string it out a bit and make it last!

I made her princess dress as a special surprise with a bit (read a lot) of help from my mum. It was quite simple as we used a singlet from SUPRE and gathered about 5 layers of fabric for the skirt. A few embellishments and a fancy hairdo and she was looking perfect! I am so glad I was finally able to do this for has been a long time in the planning! I only wish I had someone come to take the photos for me... next time perhaps!

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